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A Ticket to the Pennant: A Tale of Baseball in Seattle - Perfect Picture Book Friday #PPBF

Perfect Picture Book Friday: A Ticket to the Pennant: A Tale of Baseball in Seattle Do you remember when was there a Pacific Coast League? Or when - the Seattle Rainiers - battled the Los Angeles Angels for the leagues pennant? Journey back to 1955 with this mini time machine. A Ticket to the Pennant: A Tale of Baseball in Seattle Written by Mark Holtzen Illustrated by John Skewes Publisher: Sasquatch Books (2016) Ages: 4-8 Fiction Themes: History, diversity, community, frustration, baseball Synopsis (From Amazon): Before the Seattle Mariners, there were the Seattle Rainiers who are playing for the pennant in this story that shows how baseball unites diverse communities. Tour the Seattle of

My 10 Favorite Picture Books With Unusual Friends

Ten of my favorite children's picture books have unusual friends or friendships. While a common enough theme - friendship - these particular books push the notion just a little further out to encompass mimes, monsters, and every type of imaginable friend. 1. BE A FRIEND by Salina Yoon Sometimes the best friends just know what we need. Joy's quiet understanding and imagination make her the perfect friend for Dennis. Their friendship fun encourages others to join them as well. A glorious tale about differences. [Salina Yoon also has a board book about an unusual friendship - Penguin and Pinecone] 2. DEAR DRAGON by Josh Funk Even the most unlikely twosome can become friends. George and Blaise

Cleonardo: The Little Inventor by Mary Grandpre - Perfect Picture Book Friday #PPBF

Perfect Picture Book Friday: Cleonardo: The Little Inventor How do we encourage a child’s love of exploration and creation? By exploring this spirited, creative adventure of Leonardo’s fictional granddaughter. Cleonardo: The Little Inventor Written and illustrated by Mary GrandPre Publisher: Arthur A. Levine (2016) Ages: 7 and up Fiction Themes: Invention, family, cooperation, persistence, nature Synopsis (From Amazon): Cleonardo's father is an inventor. So was her grandfather, her great-grandfather, and all the great-greats before them. Cleo wants to be an inventor too. She tries to help her father in his workshop, but he never uses her great ideas. Can Cleo invent something big and importa

Too Many Carrots by Katy Hudson - Perfect Picture Book Friday  #PPBF

Too Many Carrots Written and illustrated by Katy Hudson Publisher: Capstone Young Readers (2016) Ages: 3 and up Fiction THEMES: Friendship, sharing, animals SYNOPSIS (From Amazon): Rabbit has too many carrots, which overtake his house. When he tries to move in with friends, more chaos ensues. Will Rabbit learn to change his selfish ways? OPENING LINES: Rabbit LOVED carrots! He collected them wherever he went. Rabbit was proud of his collection and burrowed it away in his cozy hole. But Rabbit had a problem. A BIG problem. Why I like this book: This book gently addresses the issues of collecting and friendship. Rabbit willingly accepts of help from each of his friends in his time of need. But

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