The Picture Book Buzz

The Picture Book Buzz - Interview with Melissa Stoller

Today, I have the privilege of talking with Melissa Stoller. Her debut chapter book The Enchanted Snow Globe: Return to Coney Island releases on July 25th. Her debut Picture Book Olive's Magic Paintbrush is due in March 2018 and #2 the Snow Globe series is due out in the Spring of 2018. Melissa is an avid traveler and collector of snow globes, shells, and sea glass. When not writing chapter books, picture books, or fairy tales, Melissa is living her own fairy tale in New York City with her husband, three daughters, and one puppy. Welcome Melissa, Thank you for joining us. I’m so excited to be interviewed on your blog! Thank you, Maria! ME: Tell us a little about yourself. (Where/when do you

7 Ate 9: The Untold Story - Perfect Picture Book Friday #PPBF

Tara Lazar has done it again. After studying Little Red Gliding Hood and taking a couple of webinars with her, I expected a humorous tale. But she has delivered a side-splitting tale, full of math puns. It is so much fun for both kids and adults! 7 Ate 9: The Untold Story Author: Tara Lazar Illustrator: Ross MacDonald Publisher: Disney Hyperion (2017) Ages: 3-5 Fiction Themes: Numbers, humor, mystery, and play on words. Synopsis (From Barnes & Noble): 6 has a problem. Everyone knows that 7 is always after him. Word on the street is that 7 ate 9. If that's true, 6's days are numbered. Lucky for him, Private I is on the case. But the facts just don't add up. It's odd. Will Private I put two a

The Picture Book Buzz - Interview With Caron Levis

I am honored today to talk with Caron Levis, author of Ida, Always. A recipient of the Christopher Award and declared by The NY Times as "an example of children’s books at their best.” Caron's newest picture book - May I Have A Word? - comes out TOMORROW! Here's a brief introduction - Caron Levis enjoys working with kids, using drama and writing to develop social, emotional, and literacy skills. She was inspired to write Ida, Always by the brave students, teachers, and parents she met during visits with her first book, Stuck with the Blooz. She lives in New York City, where she grew up near the real Gus and Ida. Some sounds that remind Caron of people she loves and misses are: the squeak

Shawn Loves Sharks - Perfect Picture Book Friday - #PPBF

In my interview of Curtis Manley on March 20th, we briefly talked about this newest book. I am so excited that it is finally available. It was definitely worth the wait. The way we handle frustration and disappointment tells a lot about a person. Do we give up and pout, proceed with passive aggression, attempt to coerce a change, or discover something new and amazing? The proverbial lemonade from lemons. With a soft touch, Curtis Manley explores obsessions, bullying, frustration, and friendship. Shawn Loves Sharks Author: Curtis Manley Illustrator: Tracy Subisak Publisher: Roaring Brook Press (2017) Ages: 4 - 8 Fiction Themes: Friendship, sharks, animals, obsessions, frustration, and bull

The Case of the Stinky Stench - Perfect Picture Book Friday #PPBF

If you enjoyed Josh Funk's initial food story, you will also enjoy the sequel. What happens to Lady Pancake and Sir French Toast after they get foiled by Barron Waffle? Inspector Croissant arrives on the scene to help them solve the problem of "nefarious odors" wafting through the fridge. I always wondered what happened in the fridge when you shut the door. . . . The Case of the Stinky Stench Author: Josh Funk Illustrator: Brendan Kearney Publisher: Sterling Children's Books (2017) Fiction Ages: 5 - 8 Themes: Friendship, mystery, humor, and compassion Summary (From Barnes & Noble): "Uncle,” Croissant said, “the fridge is in trouble! A mystery stench turned a whole shelf to rubble! I’m the l

Rhino in the House: The True Story of Saving Samia - Perfect Picture Book Friday #PPBF

Many of us talk about saving endangered species. We send money to , advocate for, or endorse organizations and zoos which work to educate people and protect these amazing animals. Such as the San Diego Zoo, which has successfully raised a number of rare rhinos, hoping to someday return them to the wild. But Anna Merz moved to Africa, helped create a sanctuary, and saved a number of black rhinos. This is her story. Rhino in the House: The True Story of Saving Samia Author/Illustrator: Daniel Kirk Publisher: Abrams Books for Young Readers (2017) Ages : 4-8 Years Nonfiction Themes: Wildlife protection, animal rescue, black rhinos, and compassion. Summary (From Barnes & Noble): From the award

The Picture Book Buzz - Interview with Laura Clement (Part 2)

Today, I am doing part 2 of Laura Clement's interview [Part one was posted April 10th.] Her book will be released on May 4th! Enjoy some of her thoughts about herself and the publishing process. Welcome back, Laura. Congratulations on Egg’s birthday! Yup! May 4th! Egg be with you (wink). ME: How has your world “changed” with your book published? I am more focused. I have more energy for Egg, for things like marketing, and reading to kids. I have been writing up a storm, enjoying just being creative, now that I have more non-Egg editing time with the release. But the biggest change, achieving a new level of joy I encountered the night that I read my book to my daughter. Watching her run her

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