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Susanna Hill’s 7th Annual Halloweensie Contest - Entry #2

I have so enjoyed reading all the 100-word stories that our community has created. What an amazingly, talented group of writers and poets. I just couldn't resist putting in another entry. I had been working on this one first. But it refused to shape up. And it refused to leave me alone. So, here is a second entry: A HALLOWEEN TREASURE (88 words) Leaf drifted and danced on the wind. The last to change colors. The last to fall. As shadows speckled the lawn, metal fingers pulled and stacked. Monsters and superheroes dove into piles, shrieking and whooping. When twilight announced trick-or-treat time, a small sailor found Leaf alone on a post. “How cool! It looks just like a candy corn - See,

The Picture Book Buzz - Interview with Lisa Mantchev

I love book launches! Not only do I get to meet fellow authors, but they are usually held in one of the happiest places on earth - bookstores. Last week, I had the privilege to hear Lisa Mantchev read her newest picture book - Someday, Narwhal. Her debut picture book - Strictly No Elephants - took the market by storm in 2015. The beautiful illustrations (which harken back to older Golden Books), the message of acceptance, friendship, and diversity, and an adorable elephant and his human best friend make this book an instant treasure. Her two most recent picture books, Sister Day! (a sibling story full of love and imagination) and Someday, Narwhal (see Friday's #PPBF post) are just as deligh

Susanna Hill’s 7th Annual Halloweensie Contest

WOW! my 100th blog post is an entry into Susanna Hill's 100-word writing contest. What are the odds of that! Susanna Leonard Hill, is encouraging writers to practice their craft, while participating (playing) in a fun contest - her 7th Annual Halloweensie Contest. There is still time to join the fun. The contest ends Tuesday October 31st at 11:59 PM EDT. Even if you can't participate, be sure to stop by and enjoy reading all the entries. The rules are simple: Write a 100-word Halloween story for children using the words monster, candy-corn, and shadow. For more details, visit Susanna Hill’s website here. Here is my entry of an unusual Halloween participant. I hope you enjoy reading it as muc

The Picture Book Buzz - The Nutcracker Mice review

This Friday, #PPBF is on hiatus for the next two weeks, while Susanna Hill's 7th Annual Halloweensie Writing Contest is underway. Give it a try and write a 100-word Halloween story. Check out the guidelines here. If not, be sure to read the entries on Susanna's blog starting tomorrow, October 27th, through Tuesday, October 31st. There are some amazingly talented writers in our community. So, I am taking this opportunity to share a delightful Middle Grade novel with you. I grew up watching Mikhail Baryshnikov perform The Nutcracker every Christmas, so I was immediately enthralled by the title and the two dancing mice on the cover. The Nutcracker Mice Author: Kristin Kladstrup Illustrator: Bre

Board Book Treasures - Welcome Home, Bear

First things first - congratulations to the winner of an autographed copy of LiNES by Sarvinder Naberhaus: Sherrie Choong Growing up an Army brat, I developed a bit of wanderlust. When I moved to the Pacific Northwest (for college), I fell in love with the area and have stayed here ever since. Because I still get the itch to explore and experience new places, I travel as much as possible. For me, only a rare few locations ever tempted me away from my home in Washington State. I have to admit, Switzerland came very close. But I missed the sheer variety of evergreen and deciduous trees, the mountains, and the sound. So, like Bear, I found it's fun to visit other areas, but there's no place li

The Picture Book Buzz - Interview with Kristin Kladstrup

Once again I've "broken ranks." :-) But check out my review on Friday of The Nutcracker Mice and you will understand why. If you are wondering if I have a penchant for mice, winter, and or Christmas, you may be right. Or maybe, this is just the time of year these books are being released. Hmm. With Perfect Picture Book Friday (#PPBF) on hiatus, due to the 7th Annual Halloweensie Writing Contest (write a 100 word story that contains - shadow, monster, & candy corn), I am taking the opportunity to interview an author who has written picture books, but whose newest book - due out tomorrow - is a delightful, illustrated MG novel. Kristin Kladstrup is an editor who grew up with a very active i

The Picture Book Buzz - Interview with M.E. Furman

Due to technical difficulties, this interview didn't get posted on Monday. But I think you will enjoy getting to know a little about M.E. Furman and some backstory to A World of Cookies for Santa, so I won't delay posting! Be sure to check out the #PPBF review today as well. M.E. Furman was born in Michigan and lived there until 3rd grade. Then she moved to California. Her family moved quite a bit, so she never attended the same school for more than 2 years until college. Since then she's also lived in Oregon and Washington (she's covered the west coast!). Her family has been in the Northern Rockies for almost 5 years. It’s a big difference going from the coast to a land-locked mountain stat

A World of Cookies for Santa: Follow Santa's Tasty Trip Around the World - Perfect Picture Book

As the weather chills & and the holidays loom, is it too early to think about Christmas? No way! Not when you see this beautiful debut picture book, which both delights and educates. M.E. Furman and Susan Gal's collaboration has created a gorgeous story that will yield visual and edible treasures. A World of Cookies for Santa: Follow Santa's Tasty Trip Around the World Author: M.E. Furman Illustrator: Susan Gal Publisher: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt (2017) Ages: 4-7 Fiction Themes: Food, Christmas, diversity, and Santa Synopsis (from Barnes & Noble): A World of Cookies for Santa takes readers across the globe to see all the treats that await Santa on Christmas Eve. Head to the Philippines, whe

Seasons of Joy: Every Day is for Outdoor Play

As a parent and Girl Scout Troop leader, I appreciate books that encourage kids to get outside. I remember hours of fun running, climbing, playing, and imagining as a child. It makes me smile to watch children explore, imagine, create, and play outside. Seasons of Joy: Every Day is for Outdoor Play Author/Illustrator: Claudia Marie Lenart Publisher: Loving Healing Press (2017) Ages: 3-5 Fiction Themes: Seasons, outdoor play, and wool crafting Synopsis (back cover): The pure and simple delight of children playing outside is captured in needle-felted wool paintings created by Claudia Marie Lenart. The picture book pairs dreamy images of multi-cultural children, animals, flowers, and trees with

Tiny Tuesday - Board Book Treasures (Plus Giveaway)

Having discovered a number of wonderful Board Books, that don't really fit within #PPBF, but which definitely deserve to be highlighted, I decided to give them their own day. #BBT. To start this off, LiNES Author: Sarvinder Naberhaus Illustrator: Melinda Beck Publisher: Little Simon (Simon & Schuster) 2017 Ages: All Themes: Form, perspective, and geometry of lines all around us. Synopsis (from Simon & Schuster): This beautifully illustrated board book shows readers how lines make up a whole: a whole square, house, town, city, and universe! Line, Lines Square, Squares Town Line, Lines Circle, Circles Go round Think beyond shapes. Beyond colors. Beyond letters and numbers. With poetic

Sarah's Song - Perfect Picture Book Fiday #PPBF

Change is a part of everyone's life. Whether that's growing up, going to school, moving, travel, or watching a grandparent age. It is inevitable. But it can be hard, confusing, and sad. Perhaps even scary, especially for a young child. In this week's picture book, Rosie Pova, the author of If I Weren't with You, addressed the emotions around change in a tender, creative manner. Acknowledging a child's fear and sadness and modeling a way to accept the changes, by creating new ways to make memories and fun. Sarah's Song Author: Rosie Pova Illustrator: Emma Allen Publisher: SPORK - Clear Fork (2017) Ages: 6-10 Fiction Themes: Family, grandparents, change, music, and aging. Synopsis (from Amazon

The Picture Book Buzz - Special Interview with Edwardian Taylor

You may have heard some internet rumblings about a new picture book It's Not Jack and the Beanstalk. Well, I do think it is a really fun book. Both in its creative fracturing of a fairy tale and use of speech bubbles, and its lively and imaginative illustrations. So I am very happy to have the opportunity to talk with the other half of the creative team of this amazing picture book - Edwardian Taylor. Edwardian, thank-you so much for stopping by to talk about illustrating and It’s Not Jack and the Beanstalk. Thanks for having me! ME: Tell us a little about yourself. (Where/when do you draw? How long have you been illustrating or drawing? What is your favorite type of children’s book to illus

The Picture Book Buzz - Interview with Rosie Pova

First things first, the winner of Annie Silvestro's Mice Skating is: HOPE LIM Today, let's welcome Rosie Pova. Originally from Bulgaria, she lives in Texas with her husband and three kids. She writes primarily for children of all age groups, as well as poetry. Some of her poems have appeared in literary magazines such as Poetry Quarterly, Burningword Literary Journal, Haiku Journal and more. She's the author of If I Weren't With You (SPORK, an imprint of Clear Fork Publishing, 2017), Hailey Queen Pranking Makes Perfect: The Alien Encounter (SPORK, 2017) and Sarah's Song (SPORK, September 2017). Thank you Rosie for stopping by. It's my pleasure, Maria. ME: Tell us a little about yourself. (Wh

Mice Skating - Perfect Picture Book Friday #PPBF (Plus Giveaway)

The days are getting shorter and cooler. The trees are bathed in glorious colors. Pumpkins are in the stores and every food item possible. And snow is on its way. As the air gets crisper excitement builds in my house for outdoor ice skating, skiing, and playing in the snow. So, I was very excited to discover this gem. This sweet, determined, little mouse, whose joy in the frosty air and snow, combines with tender, imaginative illustrations to create one of my all-time favorite winter and friendship picture books. Mice Skating Author: Annie Silvestro Illustrator: Teagan White Publisher: Sterling Children's Books (2017) Ages: 3-6 Fiction Themes: Animal, winter, friendship, and adventure. Syno

The Picture Book Buzz - Interview with Annie Silvestro (Plus Giveaway)

Today I am excited to feature Annie Silvestro, the author of Bunny’s Book Club. Annie "is a lover of books who reads and writes as much as possible and can often be found shuffling piles of them around so she has a place to sit or someplace to put her teacup.” Tomorrow, Annie welcomes a new book into the world - Mice Skating, a story of being true to yourself and determination. Originating from an unusual wheelbarrow on her parent's property, this story is a great reminder to authors to be observant and open to the world, as you never know when inspiration will strike. Happy Book Birthday! Annie, thank you so much for stopping by to talk with me about your newest picture book. Thank you

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