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January 10, 2020

The civil rights movement is more than a few notable named and studied individuals. It's a societal uprising by blacks and whites, young and old against unfair and unjust, mean and arbitrary rules. Though many of the participants remain unknown and unsung, this Spring a couple of picture...

January 8, 2020

Monday, I was honored to talk with Floyd Cooper, the illustrator of A Ride To Remember: A Civil Rights Story. Today, I get to chat with the amazing duo who wrote the book. And boy are you in for a treat!

Sharon Langley is an author, playwright, and voice actor who lives in Los Angeles. Her...

January 6, 2020

“Giving kids a positive alternative to counteract the negative impact

of what is conveyed in today’s media is a huge opportunity.” 

~ Floyd Cooper

I hope you are ready for an amazing treat!

The multi-award-winning Floyd Cooper is in the house. 

Floyd is the illustrator of about 96 children’s...

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