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12 Days of Christmas Cookies

December 9, 2016

Here is my entry to Susanna Hill’s Mostly World Famous 6th Annual Holiday Writing Contest. The inspiration came from from a cookie marathon with my daughter, where we just finished making 24 batches of cookies. Quickly, here’s  the guidelines: Write a children’s holiday story of 300 words or less, based on The Twelve Days of Christmas. For the rules and other entries, please visit Susanna’s blog.


The Twelve Days of Christmas Cookies (297 words)
 by Maria Marshall




On the first day of Christmas
my child said to me:
“Let’s bake cookies right now.”


So, we measured, 
mixed and baked,
1 batch of Chocolate Chip cookies.
“Let’s make more!”  



On the second day of Christmas
we designed and twisted
2 types of Candy Cane cookies.


On the third day of Christmas
we chilled and rolled out
3 dozen Pistachio Pretzels.


On the fourth day of Christmas
we shaped and froze
4 types of Peanut Butter Cups.                    
“Can we make MORE?” 


On the fifth day of Christmas
we ran to the store for:
5 types of chips                
4 bags of nuts                
3 bars of butter                    
2 dozen eggs                
then made 5 dozen Chocolate Button cookies.


On the sixth day of Christmas
we hid all but 6
Snickerdoodles in the freezer.


On the seventh day of Christmas
we made 7 types of Fudge.
“Not done yet,” she laughed.


On the eighth day of Christmas
a friend joined us to make:
8 reindeer
7 penguins
6 nutcrackers
5 Santas
4 packages
3 hummingbirds
2 angels
and 1 tree cut-out Sugar cookies.


On the ninth day of Christmas
we mixed and pressed
a 9-inch Cranberry Macadamia bar.


On the tenth day of Christmas
we surprised ourselves 
with 10 dozen Snowballs and Tea cakes.


On the eleventh day of Christmas
our freezer barely closed
stuffed with 11 boxes of cookies.


On the twelfth day of Christmas
we gave 12 plates to friends.
taking from 11 boxes:
10 Snowballs and Teacakes
9 slices of Cranberry Macadamia Bar
8 types of Sugar cookies
7 pieces of Fudge
6 Snickerdoodles
5 Chocolate Buttons
4 types of Peanut Butter Cups
3 Pistachio Pretzels
2 versions of Candy Canes
and 1 hand full of Chocolate Chip cookies.


Then we went to play in the snow.

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