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Mrs Mole, I'm Home - Perfect Picture Book Friday #PPBF

A commercial, which used to run a few years back, would have my family cracking up with laughter. A guy returns home after a long day. Enters a dark room and climbs into bed. Suddenly a husband & wife sit up and moan "Bob, you're in the wrong house, again." We never did figure out what the ad was for - couldn't see through the tears & howls of laughter.

So, when I first saw this title and read the blurb, I knew I had to read this book!

Mrs. Mole, I'm Home!

Author/Illustrator: Jarvis

Publisher: Walker Books (2018)

Ages: 3-5



Humor, animals, and finding one's way home.


From Jarvis, the creator of Alan’s Big, Scary Teeth, comes another truly unmissable, hilarious adventure about a daddy mole who has mislaid his spectacles. Morris can’t find them anywhere. So, he decides to go on without them, trusting his instincts to lead him the right way home to his waiting family and delicious dinner of worm noodles. “Mrs Mole, I’m homeeee!” he sings … as he burrows right into some poor unsuspecting rabbit family’s hole. Oh dear. Without his spectacles, Morris really can’t see a single thing – how will he ever get home? With perfect comic timing and a whole lot of heart, Jarvis will have all readers rooting for Morris to find his family, and rejoicing in the idea that – glasses or no glasses – you can always make your way back to home sweet home.

Opening Pages:

It had been a VERY long day at work for Morris Mole.

His feet were aching, and his eyes were so tired.

He couldn't wait to get home to Mrs. Mole and the children.

But he had a problem!

He couldn't find his glasses . . .


What I liked about this book:

This book is so humorous. The number of silly things happening in each scene offers new things to find with each read. While the kids will enjoy hunting for the worms on each spread, Jarvis planted many puns to entertain the adults as well - check out the homage to the Beatles in Gordon Ratzy's restaurant and the titles of the owl's books.

Text and image © Jarvis, 2017.

Poor Morris Mole, unable to find his glasses (the kids are sure to point out they are ON his head), decides to follow his "mental" map and burrow back home anyway. After all, he declares, "I ought to know my way back home by now!" Of course, things don't go as planned. He pops up into a surprised rabbit's den, next to the tree of a family of flabbergasted owls,

Text and image © Jarvis, 2017.

into the midst of curious penguins in Antarctica, and finally into the swamp of a hungry family of crocodiles. Each time Morris excitedly calls "I'm hooome!" But, upon discovering he definitely isn't home, Mr. Mole quickly utters an apology and "and off he burrowed..." Just when all seems lost, Morris smells "worm noodles" and follows his nose, instead of his memory, finally arriving home to a worried family. After the children inform him the glasses are "on your head," Morris promises to never lose them again. But . . . (you'll have to see the final page).

The colorful, fanciful illustrations (watch the worms closely) enhance the humor as Mr. Mole struggles to find his way home. The Mr. Magoo, Pink Panther-esque, series of blunders and Mr. Mole's honest naivete, make this a book one that is sure to delight both kids and parents for many repeated reads.


- create a map (like Mr. Moles) of your way home, from memory? Now draw it as you travel. Are they the same?

- what makes your home special or different from someone else's?

- have you ever thought you lost something and then found it in a funny spot?

- make your own "Mole-in-a-Hole" craft

and pop up along with Mr. Mole (from Sunflower Storytime)

If you missed it, Jarvis stopped by to talk about the inspiration for Mrs. Mole, I'm Home, this Monday (here).

This post is part of a series by authors and KidLit bloggers called Perfect Picture Book Fridays. For more picture book suggestions see Susanna Leonard Hill's Perfect Picture Books.

Maria Marshall

 Photograph © A. Marshall

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