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For as long as anyone can remember, I had a book in my hands. During the summer of my third grade year, I read every book in the Library's children's section A to Z.  

I loved to write, make up stories, and create elaborate treasure hunts and maps for my brother and sister. So I went to college and wrote for four years to earn a degree in English and Political Science. Then I took my love of writing and telling stories to Law School.

I'm passionate about using picture and chapter books to make reading and nature fun for children.

I live with my two amazing Pixiebob roomates.

My Friends © Maria Marshall
Young Sharp-Shinned Hawk visiting my yard.
 © Maria Marshall
Asian Small-Clawed Otter family at Woodland Park Zoo.
© Maria Marshall

I love connecting kids to nature through stories, photographs, and hikes.

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Grand Canyon 2016  © Maria Marshall
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