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Special Poems

"Not To Love"  by Maria Marshall


Not To Love


Knowing life is uncertain.

Knowing their journey through life is quicker.

How do we open our lives,

and our hearts,

knowing we’ll have to say goodbye?


Before we’re ready.

Before they’ve shared all our secrets, hopes, and dreams.

They leave more than merely pawprints

on our hearts,

They leave large holes.


Maybe it’s their unconditional love.

Maybe their unquestioning companionship.

They don’t judge our appearances,

for their hearts,

know our true nature.


When our furry friends do go.

When it’s their time to depart.

How do we survive the space

left in our hearts,

that nothing else quite fits?


Can we ever do it again?

Can one heart handle so many holes?

Maybe the passage of time

truly mends a heart,

or maybe that new,

fuzzy, snuggly lump is too . . .


irresistible not to love.

© 2020 Maria Marshall. All rights reserved.

Zorba (3).jpg
Zorba & Iris (3).jpg
DSC_0197 (2).JPG
Ms. S 2004-2019
© Maria Marshall.
Mr. Z  1987-2004
© Maria Marshall.
Little Mr. Z and
Ms I 1987-1997

© Maria Marshall.

"If I Had One Wish" by Maria Marshall

If I Had One Wish


If I had one wish,

I’d wish for a horse,

to gallop with the wind.   


Not me.

I’d wish for a dragon,

to streak across the sky.


WAIT! Can we wish for

anything at all?

Anything we want.


Then . . . we wish

for you to come back –

alive and healthy.


If WE had one wish,

it would be a wish for you -


© 2020 Maria Marshall. All rights reserved.

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