Long Biography

Maria Marshall grew up an army brat, traveling from California to Georgia to Alaska

and many states in between. After attending fifth grade in three different schools, she settled with her mom, dad, brother, and sister in Eastern Washington.

Maria moved three more times, including her senior year of high school. 

Her final move brought her to the Pacific Northwest where she graduated

from the University of Washington with a B.A. in English and then a J.D. in Law.   

Although she has lived in the Puget Sound area for the past 32 years,

she has traveled to Japan, Greece, England, Switzerland, Hawaii,

Grand Cayman, Bahamas, Canada, France, Italy, Australia, and most of the National Parks in the western US.

Japanese Bridge
Santorini, Greece
Crete, Greece
St Gallenkirch, Austria
Jungfrau, Switzerland
Kaui, Hawaii
JacksonHole, Wyoming
Bryce Canyon, Utah
Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming
Sequoia National Park, California
Mount St. Helens, Washington
Josuha Tree National Park
Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona
2016-06-24 17.50.21
Mesa Verde National Park, Colorado
La Jolla, California
Black's Beach, La Jolla, California

Mount Rainier, Washington © Maria Marshall

Travel Photos © Maria Marshall

After her children were born, Maria stopped practicing law and worked as a teaching assistant running numerous elementary reading programs, a librarian for a small private school, an assistant to librarians in three other schools, and a Girl Scout Troop Leader for twelve years.


Maria is an avid bird watcher and proud parent of two wonderful adults. When she’s not writing, critiquing, or reading (snuggled with her cats), she loves exploring, hiking, and participating in bird counts.

Unable to quit volunteering, she serves on a number of boards, participates in programs with the Woodland Park Zoo and the Cornell Lab of Ornithology, and assists with numerous other causes (like Reading Rainbow and We Need Diverse Books).

She’s passionate about using picture and chapter books to make reading and nature fun for children.

She lives with her amazing Pixiebob roomate. And we both miss his sweet sister.

Pixie Bobs © Maria Marshall
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