The Best of Today's Little Ditty, 2017-2018 (Volume 3).

Iggo Island Press, 2019
Compiled by Michelle Heidenrich Barnes

Contains my poems:

"Winter Wonderland"

"Epitaph for a Slug" 

Available here

The Best of Today's Little Ditty, 2016 (Volume 2).

Iggo Island Press, 2017
Compiled by Michelle Heidenrich Barnes

Contains my poem:

"Measuring Time" 

Available here

 The Best of Today's Little Ditty, 2014-2015 (Volume 1).

Iggo Island Press, 2016
Compiled by Michelle Heidenrich Barnes

Contains my poem:


Available here  

Some of my poems featured on "Today's Little Ditty":

Today's Little Ditty

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

DMC: "Single Future" by Maria Marshall


How do you believe,

when "we" becomes "me"?

All that remains is I.

Surrounded by dreams that won't

come true. And futures too big to fit.

© 2017 Maria Marshall. All rights reserved.

*Nikki Grimes challenged us to write a golden shovel poem using a line from one of the poems in the post.  "Believe me, I won't fit."

Monday, February 19, 2018

DMC: "Epitaph for a Slug" by Maria Marshall



Your shiny trail gave you away,

when hungry ducks came out to play.

One look, a peck, and a giant slurp,

and you were nothing but a burp.

© 2017 Maria Marshall. All rights reserved.

*J. Patrick Lewis and Jane Yolen challenged us to write an epitaph poem -  a funny or clever verse that might appear on your chosen subject's tombstone.  

  © Maria Marshall

Monday, September 11, 2017

DMC: "Winter Wonderland" by Maria Marshall



Autumn brings change and death.

Every Fall, green hastens into a jumbled

kaleidoscope of leaves.

Marking Nature’s order for

peace and quiet,

rest, solitude, and time.

Under vast white eXpanses.

Yielding to zephyrs.

© 2017 Maria Marshall. All rights reserved.

*Carole Boston Weatherford challenged us to write an abecedarian poem (in which the text is in alphabetical order). 

  © Maria Marshall

Thursday, March 17, 2016

DMC: "Measuring Time" by Maria Marshall



Pulled apart, we each drift and shift down
through the opening back to the ground.
Slowly slipping, counting out eternity,
we gather together in uniformity.

Individuals, separately small,
together we have the wherewithal,
to delineate time, measure your moments,
count down your life, or increase your focus.

We don't need any gears, springs, or hands,
we stand ready, awaiting your command,
to always and accurately amass —
We are the sands in the hourglass. 

© 2016 Maria Marshall. All rights reserved.

*Amy Ludwig VanDerwater challenged us to write a poem about something small, an animal or object you see every day and do not usually give much thought.

Imperial Sand Dunes Arizona,   © Maria Marshall

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

DMC: "Leaf" by Maria Marshall


Leaf is a changing word.
So crisp and colorful in fall,
as I dash and descend
into crackling mountains.
Deep, strong green in summer,
as I dodge the blazing sun.
But best of all,
is the softness of spring,
stroking my face
as I read among suspended clouds
of pink flowers.

© 2015 Maria Marshall. All rights reserved.

*Nikki Grimes challenged us to try a wordplay exercise this month and create our own free verse poems. Click HERE for all the details.

Aomori Prefecture, Japan   © Maria Marshall

Wednesday, January 28, 2015


DMC: "What Do Hummingbirds Know" by Maria Marshall


What do hummingbirds know?
     To zip and zoom through the skies.
     The irrelevance of size.
     And life's ephemeral disguise.
(The shortness of our lives.)

What do hummingbirds know?
     To sing regardless of your tone.
     Be prepared to defend one's own.
     And treasure sunny moments alone.

© 2015 Maria Marshall. All rights reserved.

*Joyce Sidman challenged us to try a "Deeper Wisdom" poem. 

Anna Hummingbird
Anna Hummingbird in Winter
Male Anna Hummingbird
Rufous Hummingbird
Anna Hummingbird
Anna Hummingbird

Anna's & Roufous Hummingbirds from my yard.

© Maria Marshall

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