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A Place to Stay: A Shelter Story - Perfect Picture Book Friday #PPBF

Unfortunately, more and more children are affected by homelessness. Having seen the effects and emotions surrounding this circumstance, while she worked as a child abuse and neglect investigator, Erin Gunti set out to create a book that was "sensitive, informative, and non-threatening." A story whose "gentle and approachable text would . . . open a dialogue between adults and children about childhood homelessness, the many reasons a child might experience it, and opportunities to help within their community." I think you'll agree that this is a perfect #PPBF book and one that would be beneficial in every classroom and library. A Place to Stay: A Shelter Story Author: Erin Gunti Illustrator:

The Picture Book Buzz - Interview with Erin Gunti

Erin Gunti is an award-winning poet, author of middle grade, young adult and children’s literature, and #TeenPit Mentor. An avid reader, she lives with her husband and two sons in Buford, GA. When she’s not reading or writing, you will find her wearing her invisible Supermom cape, flying around the halls of her children’s schools, volunteering, and running the PTA. Her debut picture book, A Place to Stay: A Shelter Story, releases tomorrow. Happy Book Birthday Erin! ME: Erin, thank-you so much for stopping by to talk about your debut picture book and writing. ERIN: Thank you for having me! I’m thrilled to be able to share with your readers all about A Place to Stay. Tell us a little about yo

Just Like Beverly: A Biography of Beverly Cleary - Perfect Picture Book Friday #PPBF

It's probably horrible to admit, but I have never read Ramona. She just never appealed to me. But the Mouse and the Motorcycle, and Runaway Ralph, I devoured these books. I'm not sure that I would say I saw myself in these books; I am not a mouse nor have I any interest in having one as a pet. Instead, these books were an escape, something totally different from where I was at the time. Beverly Cleary is a masterful author in her ability to provide children with a chance to see themselves in books. While also appealing to readers with different experiences, giving them a glimpse into someone else's life. The escapes of a child in rural Oregon are going to be different than those of a child i

The Picture Book Buzz - 10 New "Back to School" Books in 2019

There are so many "first day of school" picture books. I know some of my favorites have been the more unusual ones, such as: Be A Friend (A mime's POV), School's First Day of School (the school's POV); First Day Jitters (the teacher's POV); and The Day You Begin (new kid in school/immigrant). It takes a pretty special premise, author, or POV to soar above the crowd these days. As the new school year approaches, I want to highlight a couple of books that have done just that. Books about starting school jitters, new schools, and school friends. About feeling invisible to others and trusting oneself. These are my favorites released since May 2019: Invisible Jerry - It's so easy, even for the mo

The Picture Book Buzz - Interview with Jonathan Voss & Review of Imagine That

I hope that joy and pleasure are found in the words I write and the pictures I make." ~ Jonathan Voss Jonathan's debut as an illustrator was with Sally M. Walker’s, Winnie: The True Story of the Bear Who Inspired Winnie-the-Pooh, in 2015. And his author/illustrator debut, Brave Enough for Two (a beautiful friendship story of Hoot & Olive), released June 12, 2018. On July 16th, 2019, Jonathan released a stunning sequel, Imagine That. Welcome back Jonathan, If you missed his first interview, and for basic information about Johnathan and his writing go here. ME: Was it easier or more difficult to create a sequel to Brave Enough for Two? What was the hardest part of creating Imagine That? JONA

The Picture Book Buzz - Interview with Vicki Conrad

I hope everyone embraces the joy of reading. ~ Vicki Conrad Vicki Conrad is a teacher with a passion for literacy development and getting students to love reading just as much as she did as a child. Growing up, she was always found with a book in her hand and has stayed that way ever since. When she is not writing or teaching, she is traveling the world, growing a garden, or searching for stories. She has called Seattle her home for many years. Vicki’s debut picture book, Just Like Beverly: A Biography of Beverly Cleary, releases tomorrow. Happy Book Birthday! Welcome Vicki, thank-you so much for stopping by to talk about your debut picture book and writing. You are welcome, I am so happy t

Invisible Jerry - Perfect Picture Book Friday #PPBF

It's so easy, even for the most outgoing person, to occasionally feel invisible. Like no one sees them. Tough enough when you're an adult, excruciating when you're a child. With no freedom or ability to change your circumstances. It can be as simple as never having the ball passed to you in a game or being the odd kid out who no one ever talks too. When Giuseppe showed me his book in Australia, I immediately fell in love with it. His cover illustration with Jerry watching everyone else playing with a ball, from the other side of the title, grabs the reader and immediately tugs at their emotions. Invisible Jerry Author: Adam Wallace Illustrator: Giuseppe Poli Publisher: EK Books (2018) Ages:

The Picture Book Buzz - Interview with Adam Wallace

I hope you all see Jerry. Remember to – "See what others don’t see. See what others choose not to see." ~ Adam Wallace, quoting Patch Adams Adam Wallace is “a New York Times Bestselling author who loves writing stories that make children laugh and get excited about reading and drawing and writing and naps and music. As in he like naps and music. The books don't make kids excited about naps and music. He now has over 60 books published and out in the world and love each one as if it were his child ... except if that child is like really naughty and always breaks his favourite things and writes bad words on the walls of our house.” Adam lives in Australia. Adam’s most recent picture book, Invi

The Picture Book Buzz - Interview with Giuseppe Poli

I love being able to make something that moves, inspires, brings joy and wonder to someone else ~ Giuseppe Poli Today, I'd like to introduce you to a very special author/illustrator from Australia, who I'm honored to call a friend. From a very young age, Giuseppe Poli loved solving problems, making cool drawings, stories and games; creating and making things from whatever he had available. He created board games to play with siblings and friends. In high school, he teamed up to create a role-playing game system, wrote stories, and drew countless artworks. After a long meandering journey, he eventually discovered children’s picture books. Since 2014, he’s been feverishly illustrating and writ

The Picture Book Buzz - Review of Pippa by Dimity Powell

I had already planned to review At The End of Holyrood Lane for this week's #PPBF. But when I read Dimity Powell and Andrew Plant's Pippa, which released Thursday, I couldn't resist writing another review. It's that time of year, parents are getting their kids ready for college. For many it's the first time they spread their wings and live away from home. A time full of anticipation, anxiety, doubt, and bluster. And yes, possibly danger. Sometimes it seems like just yesterday you were sending them tearfully (or excitedly dashing off) to kindergarten. At other times, it feels like this has been the LONGEST summer ever. They do seem hard-wired to aggravate their parents, until we're "excited"

At The End of Holyrood Lane - Perfect Picture Book Friday #PPBF

The Crystal Kite Award Winner is - At The End of Holyrood Lane Although most of my reviews are of books released in the calendar year, I didn't discover this book until February 2019. After meeting Dimity Powell at the SCBWI Sydney Conference and getting a chance to thoroughly examine and talk about the book with her - we had a nice long train ride from a delightful indie bookstore - it was wonderful to watch the finalists being named and then for this book to be chosen for this honor. I'd have to agree with Uni, it's hard not to look at that pretty sticker! If you haven't read this book yet, I hope this review will inspire you to do so. It is truly an amazing book both for its ability to

The Picture Book Buzz - Interview with BCR Fegan and Review of Don't Drink the Pink

Each story begins with the desire to delight young children; to tantalise their imaginations; and to kindle their curiosity. ~ B.C.R. Fegan B.C.R. Fegan is a multi-award-winning author who has written a number of fairy tales and fantasies for children and young adults. Raised on a small hobby farm only minutes from some of Australia’s greatest beaches, Fegan grew up inspired by the power of nature’s ambience. From the intensity of the frequent summer storms, to the overwhelming serenity of a lonely beach in the early hours of the morning. His ravenous appetite for both reading and writing soon saw him drawing on the transformational influence of the world around him to craft short stories, p

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