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Extraordinary Ordinary Ella - Perfect Picture Book Friday #PPBF

Perhaps the sheer number of talent shows, cooking shows, sports channels, and perhaps maybe even reality shows, demonstrates a deep-seated human desire to be special, to have a talent or a knack at something; to stand out. When we think about the talents or skills that win awards, medals, and recognition, possessing empathy, kindness, or helpfulness rarely come to mind. Yet these are the skills and talents that should be cherished and encouraged. Instead of creating a day, week, or month where we celebrate random of acts kindness. This week's #PPBF pick is an entertaining story about discovering just how extraordinary one's propensity for kindness and talent for nurturing can be. Extraordina

The Picture Book Buzz -Interview with Amber Hendricks

Born and raised in the Midwest, Amber Hendricks grew up reading everything she could get her hands on- including the morning cereal boxes. She earned a bachelor’s degree in Merchandising, with an emphasis on Visual Merchandising, from Northwest Missouri State University. Amber has worn many hats in her career: Army wife, Mother, Visual Merchandiser, Certified Pharmacy Technician, and most recently, Childcare Professional. But she has always circled back to her first love of telling stories. She currently resides in Missouri with her husband and two children. She's the author of Sophie and Little Star (2018). Her second picture book, Extraordinary Ordinary Ella, releases tomorrow. Welcome Amb

Yusra Swims - Perfect Picture Book Friday #PPBF

It is both an important acknowledgement and a horror that the International Olympic Committee created a Refugee Olympic Team in 2015 for the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio. A special opportunity to acknowledge the athletes and their commitment to training and striving to be their best, despite the turmoil within their countries. And an extremely sad statement about a world which requires such a team to be created. Unfortunately, an even larger team is needed again in 2020. Currently 49 members, including the 10 from 2016, are vying to qualify to compete on the Refugee Olympic Team this year for the summer games in Tokyo, Japan. One of those ten is Yusra Mardini. A refugee from Syria. Julie Abery

The Picture Book Buzz - Interview with Julie Abery

Last spring, I had the opportunity and pleasure to meet Julie Abery in person and hang out with her in Bologna, Italy. She is such a warm, welcoming, and talented person. Julie is a former early years' teacher in the beautiful country of Switzerland, where she lives with her partner and their adorable Springer Spaniel. Originally from England, Julie has spent half of her life living in Europe, bringing up her three (now grown up) children, and immersing herself in new languages and cultures. She is the author of four board books Little Tiger (2019), Little Panda (2019), Little Hippo (Spring 2020), and Little Monkey (Spring 2020) and two upcoming nonfiction picture books The Old Man and the P

The Reason For The Seasons - Perfect Picture Book Friday #PPBF

Science can be so fun. Especially when presented in an engaging manner. The science classes I remember best as a kid involved excited teachers, and interestingly - extra credit art. The ones presented in monotones, with dull class books (looking at you chemistry), held little interest and even less retention. I loved watching the experiments and inventions that my daughter and her classmates created in her elementary and middle school science classes. The school's dedication to hands-on learning developed their confidence and excitement; their ability and freedom to make hypotheses and try to prove them. Although, like true scientists, things didn't always work. But the kids proved what didn

The Picture Book Buzz - Interview with Beth Anderson and Review of Lizzie Demands a Seat

Writing is mining. It’s digging deep inside for special memories, emotions, and meaning. It’s burrowing into history for inspiring characters and moments that change the course of events. ~ Beth Anderson I am excited to bring you an extra special interview and look at a great nonfiction book this week. My friend and critique partner, Beth Anderson, is on a roll. Her second nonfiction picture book came out last month and her third releases this fall. After earning a B.A. in linguistics and a M. Ed. in reading, Beth Anderson taught English as a second language for more than 20 years. Surrounded by young people from all over the world, with literature as her favorite tool, Beth was fascinated b

The Picture Book Buzz - Interview with Ellie Peterson

My books actively encourage children to question HOW they know what they know. ~ Ellie Peterson Ellie Peterson is a picture book author, illustrator, and science educator living in the Seattle area. In fact, she taught my daughter sixth grade science. I know, small world, right? Ellie's books are inspired by her experience teaching STEM, upbringing as a biracial army brat, and adventures in parenting. She's the illustrator of Bea's Bees, by Katherine Pryor. And author/illustrator of It's A Round, Round World! the first book in The Joulia Copernicus Books with Kane Press. Her newest book, The Reason for the Seasons, releases tomorrow. Welcome Ellie, Tell us a little about yourself. (Where/whe

Honeybee: The Busy Life of Apis Mellifera - Perfect Picture Book Friday #PPBF

Boy nonfiction had changed over this past generation. I would have been in heaven, and you probably couldn't have pried me from the library, if books like Growing Up Gorilla: How a Zoo Baby Brought Her Family Together by Clare Hodgson Meeker, Giant Squid by Candace Fleming, illustrated by Eric Rohmann, or Counting Birds by Heidi EY Stemple, illustrated by Clover Robin had existed. Even in the past five or six years we've seen an explosion, not just of nonfiction, but of unique, unusual, and entertaining nonfiction. Authors and illustrators pushing the boundaries, exploring ways to remain factual, yet entertaining. Such as Just Right: Searching for the Goldilocks Planet by Curtis Manley, illu

The Picture Book Buzz - February Interview with STEAM Team 2020 Members

Today I have the pleasure to introduce you to three authors from the STEAM Team 2020. Two have books releasing in February. And one is giving us a sneak peek at a March release. I do hope you enjoy this look at some great books and fascinating creatives. "STEAM Team 2020 is a group of authors who have a Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math books releasing in 2020. It includes fiction & nonfiction, trade or educational books.” Welcome everyone, Tell us a little about yourself. (Where/when do you write? How long have you been writing? What is your favorite type of book to write? What drew you to STEAM books?...) Buffy Silverman - On a Snow-Melting Day: Seeking Signs of Spring (2/4/2

The Picture Book Buzz - Interview with Candace Fleming

I have always been a storyteller. Even before I could write my name, I could tell a good tale. ~ Candace Fleming Candace Fleming awarded herself the Newbery Medal in fifth grade after scraping the gold sticker off the class copy of The Witch of Blackbird Pond and pasting it onto her first novel—a ten-page, ten-chapter mystery called Who Done It? She’s been collecting awards (her own, not Elizabeth George Speare’s) ever since. Today, Candace is the versatile and acclaimed author of more than forty books for children (fiction, historical, and science picture books), and young adults (biographies, anthologies, & novels), including the Los Angeles Times Book Prize honored The Family Romanov: Mu

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