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A Dot in the Snow - Perfect Picture Book Friday #PPBF

Sometimes an unexpected friend can make all the difference.

A Dot in the Snow

Author: Corrinne Averiss

Illustrator: Fiona Woodcock

Publisher: Sterling Children's Books (2016)

Age: 3-7



Friendship, bravery, winter, and curiosity.

Synopsis (from Amazon):

As Miki the polar bear romps in the snow, he spots a bright red dot far off in the distance. It turns out to be . . . a little girl with a twinkly face and gurgling laugh! Now Miki has someone to play with. Together the brand-new friends toss snowballs, have icy adventures, and eventually find their way home to snuggle with their mothers. Wonderfully sweet and spare illustrations capture a wintertime friendship in this warm picture book.

Opening lines:

Miki wanted Mom to play in the snow, not fish on the ice.

Snow was soft, and fishing looked hard.

So he scampered away.

Up, up, up the snowy ridge.

And that's when he saw it . . .

a dot in the snow.

Why I like the book:

A very tender story of a baby polar bear discovering a human playmate. The illustrations of their joy in playing in the snow are delightful. Instead of remaining merely a quiet book on fun and games in the snow, Ms Averiss creates a touching tale of bravery. To help his friend, Miki must overcome his fears and adversity. With a sweet ending that celebrates their friendship and reunites each in a cuddle with their own mother, this is a wonderful winter book to snuggle with.

Related Activities:

- Make paper snowflakes.

- Make your own snow globe, maybe add a polar bear and a red dot.

- Play musical icebergs, with pillows, rugs, or large white paper circles.

- Collect gloves &/or coats for a foodbank or Foster kids.

This post is a part of a series by authors and Kidlit bloggers called Perfect Picture Book Fridays. For more picture book suggestions see Susanna Leonard Hill's Perfect Picture Books.

Maria Marshall

 Photograph © A. Marshall

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