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Making a Friend - Perfect Picture Book Friday #PPBF

Have I got a treat for you today! I get to offer you a sneak peek at Tammi Sauer's newest PB, which releases November 13th.

This has been an amazing year for picture books. I have an ever growing list of "special friendship" books released in 2018. And this book just rolled right up there as one of my favorites. (Sorry, couldn't resist.) I sincerely hope that this book ends up in libraries and schools across the country.

Making a Friend

Author: Tammi Sauer

Illustrator: Alison Friend

Publisher: Harper Collins Publishing (2018)

Ages: 4-8



Friends, winter, and play on words.


Beaver is good at making just about everything...but not friends. One winter day, Beaver sees some snowflakes in the sky and gets a great idea: he’ll make a friend. Yes! A snowman will be a great friend!

Raccoon passes by as Beaver sets to work and offers a helping hand. The two work side by side to give their snowman everything a friend needs.

But when the snowman proves to be a little cold, Beaver discovers that he may have unknowingly “made” another buddy instead.

Perfect for snuggling together for a read-aloud, this sweet snowy friendship story from Tammi Sauer and Alison Friend will warm the hearts of young readers.

Opening Lines:

Beaver was good at making lots of things.

But there was one thing he had trouble with . . .

. . . making a friend.

No matter how hard he tried -

Why I Like this book:

(Note: I am sharing a few snippets from an advance copy with you.)

I love this book's core message of an inadvertent discovery - where working together to accomplish a mutual goal, can result in the creation of a friendship.

Text © Tammi Sauer, 2018. Image © Alison Friend, 2018.

Beaver can make amazing things - such as a multi-story lodge with a slide, striped socks, and sweaters - but he couldn't seem to make a friend.

Text © Tammi Sauer, 2018. Image © Alison Friend, 2018.

Until "an idea fell from the sky," and Beaver starts making a friend. Before long, Raccoon happens by and suggests that "it takes two to make a friend." When Beaver sadly notes he's just one, Raccoon suggests that one Beaver and one Raccoon make two.

Together they make a remarkable snow friend. Unfortunately, when they try to play with it they discover their friend is "rather cold." (Hehe)

Text © Tammi Sauer, 2018. Image © Alison Friend, 2018.

In the end, they both discover they have actually made more than one friend.

In addition to the story, I fell in love with Alison Friend's adorable cover and found her bright, colorful, energetic illustrations so full of emotion and an ability to capture the innocence of children. This is a wonderful book that plays with language and shows kids that working toward a goal or sharing fun can be a great way to discover a friend.


- make your own snowman friend(s). If you don't get snow or don't have any yet, try one or more of these ideas:


- take the time to make a new friend.

- draw a picture or write a story about two new friends.

This post is part of a series by authors and KidLit bloggers called Perfect Picture Book Fridays. For more picture book suggestions see Susanna Leonard Hill's Perfect Picture Books.

If you missed it, check out Tammi Sauer's interview this past Monday (here).

Maria Marshall

 Photograph © A. Marshall

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