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Little Fox in the Snow - Perfect Picture Book Friday #PPBF

As the seasons change, the days get shorter and darker. We all start getting ready for winter. Animals and humans alike. Preparing the garden, stock piling supplies, getting ready for snow, and shopping for the holidays.

I found the perfect picture book to welcome in winter. One you're sure to enjoy as you snuggle up in front of the crackling fire.

Little Fox in the Snow

Author: Jonathan London

Illustrator: Daniel Miyares

Publisher: Candlewick Press (2018)

Ages: 4-8



Nature, foxes, habitat, and winter survival.

Synopsis (from Barnes and Noble):

Follow a young red fox on a snowy day in this striking glimpse of woodland life in winter from Jonathan London and Daniel Miyares. Little foxling, where will you go? A red fox emerges from its burrow one wintry morning, a fiery streak against stark white surroundings, driven by hunger and curiosity to investigate its world. Encountering a mouse, a hare, and a wolverine, the little fox takes on the role of both hunter and hunted before returning to the safety of its den, where — perhaps — it dreams of something more. Jonathan London’s poetic text and Daniel Miyares’s stunning impressionistic paintings provide an evocative portrait of a fox and its place in the natural world.

Opening Lines:

Little foxling, little fox,

asleep in your hole,

in your halo of warmth --

it's time to wake up!

What I Like about this book:

By now, I 'm sure you know I love nature books! Especially lyrical, narrative, nonfiction nature books. This one certainly fits the bill. Especially if you have little ones wondering what animals do during the winter. Told in a second-person point of view, the beautiful watercolor illustrations and lyrical text realistically, yet gently (no blood or gore), depict a wintery day in the woods.

Text © Jonathan London, 2018. Image © Daniel Miyares, 2018.

The story opens with a little fox sleeping in a "halo of warmth" within his den. Awakened by hunger, he "follow[s his] breath" out into the wintery air listening for the faint sounds of its prey.

Text © Jonathan London, 2018. Image © Daniel Miyares, 2018.

With staccato phrasing and explosive images, the fox dives into a snow bank and catches a mouse. But one little mouse is hardly a meal. Beautifully expressive, magical illustrations partner with the poetic text to bring the reader right into the fox's winter journey. Continuing the hunt, the fox spies a rabbit and the chase is on. Ultimately, the "hare is no match for a fleet-footed fox."

Text © Jonathan London, 2018. Image © Daniel Miyares, 2018.

After pausing to "lap tiny tongue-curls of icy cold water," the fox smells a vixen. But peering into the shadows, it encounters a wolverine. Here Jonathan employs a version of the same staccato phrase he used to describe the fox's pursuit of the rabbit. Except, now the fox is the hunted and dashing across the snow for the safety of its den. The fiery sunset glow lends to the heart-pounding urgency of the fox's flight.

Finally safe at last, the fox drifts off to dreams of a vixen and a fox family depicted as starry constellations dancing across the sky. This is a beautiful, poetic addition to any nonfiction book collection, especially on foxes and or habitats. Readers who love foxes and nature will adore the gorgeous illustrations and the honest representation of a woodland winter day.


- draw a map of the little fox's travel through the snow.

*Because I received a signed copy from Daniel, I'm giving away my second copy. To be entered in the random drawing, just comment on this post. For additional chances, share the post. (US addresses only)*

Be sure to check out my interviews with author Jonathan London (here) and illustrator Daniel Miyares (here).

This post is part of a series by authors and KidLit bloggers called Perfect Picture Book Fridays. For more picture book suggestions see Susanna Leonard Hill's Perfect Picture Books.

Maria Marshall

 Photograph © A. Marshall

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