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The Picture Book Buzz - Susanna Hill's 10th Annual Halloweensie Contest


~ for children’s writers ~

Susanna Hill's amazing fall holiday contest is happening once again. Hard to believe this is the 10th year!

Check out the 124 entries added in the comments and at least as many added in the link - (

Here are the rules:

write a 100-word Halloween story suitable for children (12 & under),

using the words skeleton, creep, and mask..

This competition is so much fun and a great way to jump start a little creativity. Something much needed this year. So, I hope you check it out and read all the amazing entries.

Here's my 93- word entry for this year:


by Maria Marshall

They promised -

“This time, we’ll stick together.”

But a block later,

not a familiar ghoul was in sight.

I rested on a stone wall,

As everyone crept past in realistic costumes.

A skeleton plopped beside me, sighing.

“They ditch you too?” I asked.

We stared at each other –

“Hey! You look like my brother!” we cried. “Jinx!”

Laughing, we removed our costume heads.

And . . . blinked.

No way!

A real kid?! A real skeleton?!

Laughing, we exchanged chocolate bars and gummy bones.

Then, replacing our masks, the human and I set out for more candy.

Have a safe and Happy Halloween!


Maria Marshall

 Photograph © A. Marshall

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