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The Picture Book Buzz

The Picture Book Buzz - A Few Fun September Picture Books

There was NO way I could highlight all the wonderful authors and illustrators and their amazing books which have, & are, releasing this month. So I decided to do a quick shout out for a few of the books I wish I had space for. Each of these books is absolutely worth a read.

Bear Is a Bear by Jonathan Stutzman, illustrated by Dan Santat (9/14/2021) - Oh my gosh, if you think this cover is gorgeous, wait until you read this cross between the Velveteen Rabbit by Margery Williams and Rocking Horse Christmas by Mary Pope Osborne. I love the refrain, "Bear is a bear full of love," that runs through the entire book. This is a heart-melting book."

This stunning book is "about the enduring love between a little girl and her childhood friend, Bear. Through all the many ups and downs of a little girl’s childhood, Bear is there to provide love and support. Until it is time to say goodbye . . . and hello again."

The Snowflake by Benji Davies (9/14/2021) - This sweet story tells the dual plot of a snowflake, who doesn't want to fall, swirling into a town (past what looks like Wendy Darling's weathervane) where a young girl wishes for snow and a beautiful Christmas tree of her own.

"Exquisitely written and beautifully illustrated, The Snowflake tells the separate stories of one snowflake and one little girl—both longing for their own special place in the world—that spin together into a magical ending. The snowflake and Noelle discover that wherever we go, and however we fall, in the end, we all find a way to shine."

Shipwreck Reefs by Aimée M. Bissonette, illustrated by Adèle Leyris (9/15/2021) - What happens to boats, tanks, or other structures which sink (or are scuttled) to the bottom of the ocean. In a wonderful nonfiction #STEM picture book learn how, like the ruins in South American, nature reclaims them. Great descriptions and sidebars, also discuss the species who live there and the stresses and dangers reefs face.

"The ocean transforms them into artificial reefs. This new life begins with the growth of coral polyps and the arrival of small plankton, followed by schools of fish and hungry predators, until the ship is home to hundreds of sea creatures. It’s a magical transformation from relic to reef that helps bring life back to struggling ocean ecosystems."

In the Garden with Dr. Carver by Susan Grigsby, illustrated by Nicole Tadgell (9/15/2021) - A fun historical fiction of botanist Dr. George Washington Carver, based on his actual writings and work with farmers and children in the south.

Dr. Carver arrived in 1900's Alabama "to help the grown-ups with their farms and the children with their school garden. He teaches them how to restore the soil and respect the balance of nature. He even prepares a delicious lunch made of plants, including “chicken” made from peanuts."

Being Mindful Like Grandpa by Sheri Mabry, illustrated by Ilaria Urbinati (9/15/2021) - Moving is tough, but moving away from one's grandfather and the special hillside trail you walked together is torture. This inter-generational story is about using mindfulness techniques and a special stone to deal with stress.

"As the boy sets out on a new mountain trail with his parents, he begins to worry about everything that's different. But he remembers that when Grandpa needs to calm his worries, he uses mindfulness. So the boy does too."


Maria Marshall

 Photograph © A. Marshall

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